UPDATE: House Bill 1104 failed. 

House Bill 1104 is a measure related to criminal justice reform generally and sentencing reform specifically.

Currently, North Dakota law requires that people who commit certain crimes serve 85% of their sentence before they’re eligible for parole. It’s a type of mandatory sentencing law that is unfortunately common in the country.

This bill changes that law in two ways: 

  • First, it reduces the amount of time that is needed to serve from 85% to 65% before becoming parole eligible. This is a good thing because it allows people the possibility of getting out of prison earlier if they deserve it.
  • Second, it makes the law only apply to people over the age of 21. This is a good thing because it no longer applies to young adult offenders, which shows that North Dakota legislators are starting to understand that young people who make these mistakes shouldn’t be held to the same standard as adults.

These proposed changes are great first steps toward real criminal justice reform in North Dakota.


Rep. Dobervich, Buffalo, Ista, Kading, Roers Jones, Schneider and Sen. Mathern





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