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  1. Who Should Control Your Genetic Information — You or Corporate Laboratories?

    May 24, 2016News updatePrivacy and Technology
  2. Five Reasons Armed Domestic Drones Are a Terrible Idea

    August 27, 2015News updatePrivacy and Technology
  3. Legislative Recap 2015

    May 1, 2015News updatePrivacy and Technology , Criminal Justice, Reproductive Freedom, Religious Liberty
  4. A Look at the Privacy Policies For the FAA's Six Drone Test Sites

    December 10, 2014News updatePrivacy and Technology
  5. A Less-Secret Drone Campaign

    June 29, 2016News updatePrivacy and Technology
  6. 2017 Legislative Recap Part Two: Criminal Justice and Privacy and Technology

    June 26, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Privacy and Technology
  7. 2017 Legislative Recap Part One: First Amendment Bills

    June 19, 2017News updateReligious Liberty, Privacy and Technology , Criminal Justice
  8. ACLU of North Dakota Opposes Measure 1

    October 2, 2018News updateVoting Rights, Privacy and Technology , Religious Liberty
  9. Dane DeKrey

    July 23, 2019BiographyLGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Rights, Free Speech, Privacy and Technology , Religious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom, Criminal Justice
  10. Our Mission

    April 17, 2018PageCapital Punishment , Disability Rights , Free Speech, Immigrants' Rights, Indigenous Justice, LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Rights, Privacy and Technology , Racial Justice, Religious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom, Smart Justice, Voting Rights