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  1. Legislative Infographic

    January 2, 2019News update
  2. Our Position on the Constitutionality of Amendment XIV

    January 30, 2019News update
  3. Legislative Bingo

    January 7, 2019News update
  4. ACLU of North Dakota Supports Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

    January 30, 2019News updateCriminal Justice
  5. What's Happening in NDLeg?

    March 19, 2019News update
  6. Rescind the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment? No!

    March 28, 2019News updateReproductive Freedom
  7. Governor Burgum: Veto Senate Bill 2044

    March 25, 2019News updateFree Speech
  8. Critical infrastructure bill would punish association, stifle protected speech

    March 7, 2019News updateReligious Liberty, Criminal Justice
  9. ACLU of North Dakota: Media Requests

    March 20, 2019News updateLGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Rights, Free Speech, Religious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom, Criminal Justice
  10. Advocacy: Why Do It?

    April 16, 2019News updateFree Speech, Reproductive Freedom, Criminal Justice, LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Rights