North Dakota lawmakers have zeroed in on trans students with House Bill 1298 which seeks to make it harder for them to participate in athletics.

North Dakota lawmakers have zeroed in on inclusive sports with House Bill 1298 which seeks to make it harder for trans people to participate in athletics.  

We must stop this policy from being signed into law.  

Legislators supporting this bill are actively defying medical experts, sports associations like the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee, and school administrators all over the country—all of whom say that the policy proposed by this bill is harmful and unnecessary.   

Though we are prepared to fight in the legislature to defend trans rights, it will take more than legislative action.  

In order to defeat House Bill 1298, it’ll take all of us rising to the occasion.  

House lawmakers have already advanced this bill and it will be heard in the Senate soon. We need to send a message loud and clear to our lawmakers that it's time to stop  

ACT NOW: Write members of the Senate Judiciary Committee TODAY and urge them to OPPOSE House Bill 1298.   

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