Due to a high need for legal council for the 833 DAPL protest-related arrests, the North Dakota Supreme Court enacted temporary provisions allowing out-of-state attorneys to provide representation. Last month a judge filed a petition to end the provision of legal services by out-of-state attorneys, citing a lack of need as there are no new DAPL-related cases. 

The ACLU of North Dakota submitted comments in opposition to the judges' petition to terminate the special provision. There are approximately 150 defendants with pending criminal cases related to the DAPL protests who are entitled to effective legal council. Download the comments below.

10/16 UPDATE: 

On Monday, the Supreme Court of North Dakota denied a petition to terminate legal services by qualified attorneys from outside North Dakota. The court cited a substantial number of unresolved cases arising from those arrested in connection with the protests at Standing Rock and a shortage of North Dakota licensed lawyers and indigent defense counsel to handle the cases in its decision. This means that lawyers from outside North Dakota will continue to represent water protectors on a temporary basis until their matters are resolved.  

The court's decision is available for download below.



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