Want to build long-term success in North Dakota? Get connected with the community.

Building a solid foundation for progress in any community is critical to long-term success.

When we come together, great things happen.

Make it a point to familiarize yourself with the nonprofit groups, organizations, and local leaders making a difference in South Dakota right now. 

To start, we recommend getting to know the following organizations:

  1. The North Dakota WIN Fund believes abortion is a fundamental human right. They work to break down discriminatory barriers that block abortion access, provide financial assistance for abortion and related reproductive healthcare services in North Dakota, and build stronger communities through funding and advocacy efforts in order to achieve reproductive justice.
  2. The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition seeks to empower individuals in North Dakota in their communities, state legislature, and society at large to promote and protect human rights for all people.
  3. Prairie Action North Dakota is a rapid response communications organization promoting progressive values, messages and actions. While campaigns come and go, Prairie Action is the permanent home for progressive media and action in North Dakota.

Have ideas for more great organizations to connect with? Share them with us by emailing northdakota l=@aclu.org or hype them up on social media!