UPDATE: House Bill 1254, legislation that would prohibit gender-affirming care for transgender youth, has been signed by the Governor. 

House Bill 1254 would prohibit doctors from providing life-saving gender-affirming care for transgender North Dakotans.

The ACLU of North Dakota opposes House Bill 1254. Like all health care, health care for transgender youth is individualized and based on the needs of each particular person. This bill would take away private health care choices around the provision of medical care consistent with prevailing medical and scientific standards. Such choices should be made between a doctor and a patient, not politicians.


Reps. Tveit, D. Anderson, Bellew, Prichard, Rohr, and VanWinkle, and Sens. Boehm, Clemens, Estenson, Luick, Myrdal, and Vedaa


Signed by governor



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