Senate Bill 2231 would prohibit schools from adopting inclusive policies that acknowledge the gender identity of their students.

The ACLU of North Dakota opposes Senate Bill 2231. No one is harmed by allowing teachers, administrators and counselors to create a safe and welcoming educational environment for students in our public schools. Additionally, the decision to adopt policies that acknowledge the gender identity of students should be made by local entities – not dictated by our state legislators.

It is important to remember that everyone is impacted by gender and everyone has a desire to be referred to respectfully. That might mean different things for different people. Regardless of how you may feel about pronouns, it is important to use the pronouns someone uses for themselves.

For trans youth, especially those who cannot be safe at home, school may be one of the few places to be themselves. Trans youth thrive when they are affirmed in their gender identity, which includes being called by a name and pronouns that reflect who they are.


Sens. Luick and Meyer and Reps. Cory and Karls


Passed Senate



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