Let's talk about speaking up about abortion

Welcome to week three of the Let’s Talk About Abortion Learning Series.

In this session, we’re covering how to refute false information about abortion care.  

To change minds and better inform your friends and neighbors, you have to speak up. That means calling out misinformation and disinformation whenever we see it.  

Let’s Talk! A sample conversation:  

  • YOU: “It feels so much of politics rights now is only for show. Politicians seem to support things just to make the news. Can you believe some legislators want to make the penalties around abortion even more severe even though most of us support equal access to it?” 
  • NEIGHBOR: “I would never have an abortion myself, and I don’t know anyone who has. I guess there are reason someone might choose to have one, but I don’t want to support abortion.”  
  • YOU: Can you tell me a little about what has shaped your thoughts on abortion?  

Let’s break it down. ^ 

  1. It’s actually pretty likely this person does know someone who had an abortion, so take the time to talk through it. One in four people will have an abortion in their lifetime.  
  2. Many people have a conflicted opinion about abortion. They know life is messy, but have heard misinformation. Maybe they grew up hearing scary things about sex out of wedlock and abortion. This is our opportunity to have a conversation.  

A helpful tip: Ask questions and really listen. North Dakotans agree more on abortion than you think! Listen for the values they express. You can build bridges with anyone.