Let’s talk about what’s next in the fight for reproductive freedom

Welcome to the fourth and final week of the Let’s Talk About Abortion Learning Series.

In this session, we’re calling on you to keep the conversation going.  

To change minds and better inform your peers, we must make sure our community has access to crucial information like this. That means sharing it out far and wide!  

Trusted friends, family, and community members are the people who will change the minds of North Dakotans. It takes more than one conversation to change a person’s mind, but a real-life, two-way conversation is the best place to start. 

Want to do more? Here are seven ways you can continue the fight for reproductive freedom and abortion rights in North Dakota.  

  1. Take the Pledge: Commit to remain informed and ready for the fight ahead by adding your name to the growing list of action takers in North Dakota.  
  2. Sign up for Text Alerts: Text FIGHT BACK to 826-23 to get alerted for actions near you. 
  3. Support Abortion Funds: Donate to local abortion funds like the ND Win Fund. 
  4. Contact Your Lawmakers: Connect with your elected officials often because they need to hear from you. Find tips and resources. 
  5. Inspire Your Community to Act: Share your story by writing at letter to the editor or publishing a blog on sites like Medium.  
  6. Use Social Media: Use the connections you have online to keep the conversation going and be sure to follow us!
  7. Spread the Word: Share this lesson with your peers! Shoot your friends a text. Or print one of the lessons and drop them off at a busy local coffee shop or distribute with a group of friends on your college campus. The choice is yours! Keep us updated by posting about your progress on Twitter by tagging @ACLUNorthDakota.  

Let us know how your conversations go by keeping in touch via email or using #TalkAboutAbortion on social media. We've got a couple social media graphics you can use below to get started. 

ND_1080x1080_Abortion Bans Dont End Abortion.png
ND_1080x1080 Freedom to Decide.png