The government should not be in the business of making personal decisions for us and our families.

Let’s talk about birth control. 

September 26 marks World Contraception Day, a moment to focus on our right to decide if, when, and how we want to have children.  

The ACLU is commemorating this day by asking members of the community to get involved and get active in the fight for reproductive rights. 

Will you join us?  

Right now, over 19 million people lack access to contraceptive care in the U.S. This is due in part to a push by radical politicians who think they get to decide what type of birth control we can access. Now more than ever we must protect and expand our right to access contraception. 

No one, especially the government, should be in the business of making personal decisions for us and our families. Improving access to contraception can reduce maternal and child mortality rates, lower poverty levels, prevent unplanned pregnancies, and improve overall health for children and families.  

Bottom line, we deserve the right to decide what’s best for us regardless of our health or circumstances. 

Together, we can secure access for more people across this country and fight to advance our freedoms. It’ll take all of us showing up to demand better. You ready? 

Add your name!

Join the fight by adding your name to a growing list of reproductive freedom advocates in communities across the state. Then be sure to share this content with your peers to spread the word! Find more information over on our TikTok page. 

Happy World Contraception Day.