"We can survive this and keep these kids safe as a community!"

Author, Faye Seidler, Moorhead

By now you’ve likely heard that North Dakota has made hormone therapy for transgender youth illegal. I want you to know it’s going to be OK and there are a ton of things you can do!

First, know that all youth already on treatment should be able to keep getting it. Moorhead in specific and Minnesota in general will offer this care for new youth who need it, with state laws protecting it. While access to hormone therapy reduces suicidality and improves quality of life, one or more affirming adults can help make sure these youth survive!

Keep in mind about 1 in 50 youth are trans. Your best bet is to talk to your kids to let them know that you will love and support them no matter how they identify and to ask your family doctor or therapist to monitor gender identity so you’ll have plenty of time to move if you need to!

If you are stuck and can’t travel, most trans youth do survive their natal puberty and can still grow up to be happy. Anyone can call 211 for general help or 988 for mental health crisis!

I work in the medical field and as a suicide prevention advocate, so please reach out to me at fayeseidler@gmail.com if I can help you understand trans topics without judgement from a data perspective or where to access support, therapy, or care. We can survive this and keep these kids safe as a community!

This letter originally appeared in the Bismarck Tribune.