Good health starts with stable housing – at least that's what Governor Doug Burgum said in a recent news conference.

But his actions since then suggest he thinks otherwise.

As the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus continues to rise and more and more North Dakotans are being laid off or furloughed because of COVID-19, it's becoming evident that this public health emergency is an economic emergency as well. This recent survey from the state of North Dakota underscores a communal fear of eviction, unemployment, and more. 

This is exactly why our team, along with statewide North Dakota nonprofit and advocacy organizations, have been urging Governor Burgum to issue a temporary moratorium on evictions. Sadly, he has been refusing to act.

So now, North Dakotans who can't afford rent because of a COVID-19-related job loss are in trouble and may be facing an eviction.

What happens when a renter gets an eviction notice from their landlord? Most people assume that when a landlord gives them a three-day eviction notice, they have to be out of their rental unit in three days. That's not actually the case. Learn more about your rights as a tenant.

Then, if you're facing eviction, tell Governor Burgum your story.

TAKE ACTION: Change in our state will only happen if people speak up.


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