The Todd Becker Foundation, a Christian motivational speaking organization presented at Linton High School yesterday during the school day and invited students to an explicitly Christian event in the evening. The ACLU of North Dakota has issued a letter to Paul Keeney, Superintendent of the Linton Public Schools to remind the district of their Constitutional obligations, raise awareness on the issue, and provide assistance in resolving and avoiding future religious freedom violations.

Please attribute the following quote to Jennifer Cook, Policy Director of the ACLU of North Dakota:

 “All students should feel welcome in school, no matter what they believe. The intent of the Todd Becker Foundation’s program to educate the students about the dangers of drunk driving is admirable, however, allowing the organization to promote a religious event  and proselytize to students is a violation of their religious freedom. North Dakota’s public schools should be focused on providing students with a quality education, not religious coercion. If the district has any questions about the fine line school-sponsored guests must walk when presenting to students, we are more than happy to serve as a Constitutional resource.”