Brandi N. Hardy




Legislative Coordinator

June 2021 marks over two decades of celebrating LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Pride Month in our state. 

Yet we know Pride isn’t just about the parades, glitter, and festivals. Hear from Brandi on what Pride is to them. 

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Brandi Hardy is a fierce warrior queen who loves lipstick, being active, and their family. They are married to their crush, Tiffany Hardy, and they have two kiddos, three dogs, and too many foster puppies. For the last nine years, they've provided education and advocacy for survivors of sexual and labor exploitation. Currently, Brandi is a legislative coordinator and fights to push back against policies that are oppressive, discriminatory, or create barriers for already vulnerable groups of people.

They've run for state and city office, winning votes but never seats – not yet anyway. Brandi also loves long-distance running, cooking, hiking, paddle boarding, drag shows, and most of all traveling to new places.

Pride is ______. (Fill in the blank)

Pride is visibility.

How do you show your Pride year-round?

I live my life openly and unapologetically.

What is your go-to song that gets you ready to take action? 

"Raise Your Glass" by Pink and "Trouble" by The New Respects

What do you have to say to politicians who support anti-LGBTQ+ legislation? 

Sit down and have a conversation with people from the queer community. Educate yourself before voting on a policy that would permanently impact LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit lives.

How can visibility in local government affect change in North Dakota? 

Visibility in any and every setting can change the way elected officials would respond to hateful policies. They would, hopefully, think twice about their decision to discriminate against their colleagues, businesses, families, etc.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

You're going on the journey you are meant to be on. You will accomplish greatness – keep going.

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