ACT NOW: Help stop two censorship bills that are making their way through the North Dakota state legislature. 

"I know it when I see it."

That's often the answer when people are asked about what's obscene or sexually explicit.

The problem, however, is that everyone sees things differently. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan said it best: "One man's vulgarity is another's lyric." It's impossible to define "sexually explicit" in a way that isn't hopelessly vague and subjective.

And that's the problem with House Bill 1205 and Senate Bill 2360. 

House Bill 1205 would make it a crime for libraries to offer sexually explicit books to their patrons. Senate Bill 2360 would prohibit the display of materials that contain sexually explicit content in places where minors are allowed and criminalize those who violate the law.

Fight back: Oppose House Bill 1205

Fight back: Oppose Senate Bill 2360

Who decides what is considered obscene or sexually explicit? Government officials cannot impose their personal moral values on others. Doing so violates our First Amendment rights.

We need to stop these bills. Will you send a message to our legislators that North Dakotans oppose House Bill 1205 and Senate Bill 2360?

End censorship: Stop House Bill 1205

End censorship: Stop Senate Bill 2360

Want help spread the word? Encourage your friends and neighbors to take action on House Bill 1205 and Senate Bill 2360! Print the flyer below and hang it around your community to let everyone know that North Dakotans oppose censorship.